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  • OS (“old style”) and NS (“new style”). Letters preceding the change of calendar in 1752 are arranged in the sequence in which they were actually written, allowing eleven days’ difference between "new style" letters from the Continent, and “old style” letters from England.
  • Missing letters are marked by an asterisk (*).
  • Letters printed here for the first time in the Yale Edition are marked by a dagger (†).
  • Letters printed in full for the first time are marked by a double dagger (‡).

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Correspondences to and from Garrick, David
Document Date Correspondent  :
1757 03 August from David Garrick
1757 05 August from David Garrick
1757 06 October from David Garrick
1758 23 January from David Garrick
1785 ca 24 Jan. to David Garrick
1769 26 December from David Garrick
1773 29 July from David Garrick