Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill Collection
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About Us
The Lewis Walpole Library, given to Yale University by Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis and his wife Annie Burr Lewis, is the most substantial repository of primary research material for any study of Walpole and Strawberry Hill.

Horace Walpole’s Strawberry Hill Collections database and website is the achievement of dedicated staff at the Lewis Walpole Library who undertook considerable object research and organization efforts:

Emily Lanza, Library Services Assistant
Erin Colley Monroe, former Curatorial Assistant
George Ouellette, Senior Programmer/Analyst
Brian Parker, Graphic/Web Assistant
Cynthia Roman, Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Paintings
Hope Saska, former Kress Curatorial Fellow

Design for the website was provided by Nilou Moochhala of NYMDesign.

We are especially grateful to Anna Magliaro, Publications Assistant in the Department of Exhibitions and Publications at the Yale Center for British Art, for managing acquisition of images and rights.


The Library seeks additional information about Walpole’s collections and welcomes comments on the database.
Collection questions/comments: Cynthia Roman, Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Paintings, The Lewis Walpole Library
Site technical questions/comments: George Ouellette , Senior Programmer/Analyst


Many have contributed to research on the vast variety of objects from Walpole’s Collection. In particular we thank Michael Snodin, Senior , Stephen Lloyd (miniatures), and Timothy Wilson (ceramics, glass and enamels). Other contributors are Ellen R. Cordes and Margaret K. Powell (books and manuscripts); Susan Odell Walker (furniture) and Stuart Pyhrr (the arms and armor) We have also called on the expertise of many other scholars, most notably Ellenor Alcorn (silver), Stephen Clarke (Walpoliana), Katherine Coombs (miniatures and enamels), Robin Emmerson (Wedgwood), Mirjam Foot and Diana Scarisbrick (bookbindings), Karen Hearn (portraits) and Rowan Watson (manuscripts).

We are also grateful for the generous contributions of many others:

Derek Adlam, Maryan Ainsworth, Stephen Astley, Philip Attwood, Fabienne Audebrand, Katharine Baetjer, Clare Baxter, Erin Blake, Rachel Bond, Dirk Breiding, Christine Brennan, Robert Brodrick, Hugo Brown, the late Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry KT, the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry KBE, Helen Burton, Victoria Button, Jean Cadogan, Maureen Cassidy-Geiger, Anna Chalcraft, Martin Chapman, Yannick Chastang, Patricia Collins, the late Philip Conisbee, Brian Considine, Aileen Dawson, Helen Evans, Eleanor Faller, Patricia Ferguson, Hazel Forsyth, Zenon Gansziniec, Eleanor Ghey, Alden Gordon, Antony Griffiths, Judith Guston, Robert Harding, Matthew Hargraves, Kate Harris, David Haycock, Peter Hill, Barbara Hinde, Bodo Hofstetter, Henry House, Mrs Sandra Howat, Amin Jaffer, Alan Jutzi, Rolf Kat, Edouard Kopp, Sebastian Kuhn, Florian Knothe, Elizabeth S. Kujawski, Alastair Laing, Janet Larkin, David Lavender, Benedict Leca, Charles Lister, Emma McCarthy, Bet McLeod, Janet McMullin, Jessie McNab, Brian Maggs, John Mallet, John Marciari, the Duke of Marlborough, Jonathan Marsden, Joseph Marshall, William Metcalf, Alain Moatti, David Moore-Gwyn, Jeffrey Munger, Christopher Norton, David Oakey, Vlasta Odell, Magnus Olausson, Susan Palmer, Michael Peover, Julia Poole, Anne Pritchard, Vanessa Remington, Jeremy Rex-Parkes, Jane Roberts, Marcel Roethlisberger, the Countess of Rosebery, David Roth, Linda Roth, Elisa Sani, Leslie Scattone, Karen Schoenewaldt, Timothy Schroder, Günther Schuchardt, David Scrase, Jon Seydl, Katherine Sharp, Kim Sloan, Emma Slocombe, Helen Smailes, Ann Smith, Thyrza Smith, Joaneath Spicer, James Stourton, Greg Sullivan, Eleanor Summers, Mary Suzor, John Teahan, Jennifer Thompson, Katrina Thomson, Dora Thornton, Trustees of the Wedgwood Museum at Barlaston, Shelagh Vainker, Charlotte Villiers, Clare Vincent, Kirstin Waibel, the Earl Waldegrave, Robert Wenley, Mark A.F.Weiss, the Earl of Wemyss and March, Shelagh, Countess of Wemyss and March, Robert Wenley, Jon Whiteley, Audrey Wilson, John Wingfield Digby, Matthew Winterbottom, Karen Wiseman and Ghenete Zelleke.